Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New Bridal Line being added

After much thought, I have decided to add a Bridal range to my Folksy shop.
This is not a new direction for me, I have been working in Bridal for many years, not just in the Jewelry department, but in Designing Bespoke Gowns, Tiara's, Bridesmaid's Dresses, even the odd Mother of the Bride and Prom Dresses, I even had a nice piece in a very popular bridal magazine, did a few bridal shows and catwalk, but the Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses started to take a back seat in 2009 as of 2010 they were faded out , due to the influx of gowns coming in from abroad at a price I could not compete with, I got so many requests for dresses, the same as what was being sold on another selling site, copy I would not do, simply as I would not like someone copying my work, and I couldn't purchase the fabric at the price those dresses were being sold at, and yes they were hoping to get them at EBay's prices lol.
So it has took me some thinking and have decided the place is Folksy, where handcrafted items are valued, and expected.
So my first piece was introduced today, see below, as with all my Jewelry in Silverspiral, my bridal Jewelry and accessories will be Sterling Silver, if you wish to view Bridal Jewelry in Silver plated or Gold Plated, these will be added to my other Folksy shop Gemsdesigns within the next day or two.
I hope you like the first piece, and please get in touch if you would like a bespoke item for your special day.
Please click on the name at the side to take you for a view of all sides.
Jax x

 The Photo on here does not do the item justice so please take a look at the other photos for a clearer view.



  1. Its such a shame when a photo just doesnt do a product justice isnt it. I just wish people could feel and see our items:(

    But I can imagine it is fabulous. I like the look of that Dorset Seaglass on the right as well!
    michelle x

  2. Hi Michelle, Thank you for your comment, I know what you mean, on folksy there is a picture from all angle's, and they dont do it justice in the slightest, in reality the product is stunning and sparkly when the crystals catch the light, I just cant capture that in a picture.
    Jax x


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