Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An afternoon well spent

Long time no post, I hope everyone is keeping well, dry and safe, did you enjoy the tennis? it was a first for me in years, sat there infront of the T.V and gave out a few Ooo's and Ahh's, thought it was a good game.

 An afternoon well spent....

Rain Rain and more Rain, Now if I was spending my time crafting, it would be welcome, save me roasting in the the craft room - Conservatory lol, But this craft free month or two has given time to some forward thinking and conversations.

House move, Retirement, not that were at retirement age but hubby said he would like to retire when the mortgage was paid, and just have a part-time job, we have a few years yet (unless we win the lottery).

It was exciting, thinking of where we may move to, but boy it can cause some heated discussions, well!!!! there needs to be room for crafting and gardening :)

After an hour or two it's back to here and now, and were redecorating, Hehee, Forward thinking and a lick of paint all in an afternoon, quite tiring :)

Wishing you all well, and hopefuly it wont be as long before mmy next post.

Jax x