Thursday, 20 October 2011

Has it realy been that long

It sure has, its been 8 days since my last post.
So much has been happening that the time has flown by
Apart from watching the leaves falling off a neighbours tree all over my lawn, paving and water feature,
"the water feature is only small but its enough to water the wild life, well it is if they could get to it".
I have been continuing in my quest to sort out lots of craft items and area's, Ive been very good and parted with lots of beads, and there's still a few to sort through.

Next it will be the fabric area to sort through, followed by the wool, card stock, stamps and paints, fimo, oh! yes like many a crafter I have dabbled in many crafts, some how the main crafts (jewelry and sewing) are the ones that never seem to take a back seat, well if they do its only weeks.

Apart from the above I have been fighting my way through the "done plants" weeds and leaves to try and get the garden ready for winter.

Creating more jewelry pieces in silver and in Silver plated, I managed to get a custom order done, "thank you to my buyer who decided she couldn't choose between the two pieces so bought them both"
and finished a custom order on the sewing machine, all this and still had time to make my piece for a craft project I'm working on with other fantastic ladies from a craft forum, this project is Bunting, where we make a flag and post onto the person who is next on the list, so we all get a flag every 2 weeks from a different person, we all make the same, IE this weeks were a star or pontsietta (sp), there is some fantastic talent out there, and its great to see every ones take an a particular subject, every ones take is different.
Right enough of me rambling on!!
Below I have chosen a few items from folksy sellers to bring in the warm autumnal colours, and hopefully help to make you feel toasty warm :-) now turn up the heating and curl up in front of your PC while you check out these goodies and their shops.
Hope you like them
Love Jax

NOfkantsCurios / Natalie Ofkants

Gems Designs & Crafty Makes




Ritzy Swish








JaKnits crafty creations


Eccentric Ella


Clover Jewels




Falling Dew Jewellery




















  1. Thank you so much for including my crocheted Trilby in your feature selection today!

    Going to be needing our hats and other woolies over the next few weeks me thinks.

    Natalie x

  2. Thank you so much for including Falling Dew Necklace in this beautiful collection! Its fab!

    Rasa xx

  3. Your welcome Natalie, it was very cold this morning, we even had ice on the car windscreen, lets hope everyone want new hats :)

    Thank you linda :)

    Your welcome Rassa, its a beautiful Necklace.
    Jax x


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