Ghostly goings on at Ruthin Castle Hotel

Yes its well worth the stay.

It all started because we wanted somewhere special in wales to stay for the weekend.
It was our pearl Wedding Anniversary, yep 30 years of torment & torture, only kidding about the torture and torment bit, I'm good to him really.

Ruthin Castle Hotel was put forward on a forum, as well as some other beautiful places to stay.
So we thought great, perfect in fact, staying in a beautiful castle, great setting for such an occasion, and with us being spiritually inclined this was going to be a fantastic stay.

The trip down there was wonderful, with great scenery in front we made our way to the Castle, before we knew it we were at the Castle entrance.
Excitement is not the word, if i could have flown in there quicker i would have lol.
Just need to say, a big thank you to the staff there, they are fantastic, very welcoming, and will do all they can to give you a comfortable and enjoyable stay. 

We got to our room and i started clicking with the camera, didn't get any feelings but still reeling with excitement, wondering if we would manage to get any feelings or better still get anything on photo, so we clicked away then decided to take a look around the grounds.

Got some good feelings in the grounds, just picked up on a few bits (spiritually), there were some places we couldn't get to due to gates being locked. but we didn't mind to much.

We were informed that a certain room was known to be haunted, so we walked the corridor to the room, we didn't feel anything when we stood outside the room but we did feel a very strong presence past that room opposite a window. On the photo you can see my shadow then a shadow of someone else, which looks like a person in a hooded cape, slightly hunched, Photo to be added below.

That night we stayed in the Castle for our dinner, we sat in the library bar and enjoyed a few drinks, saw the odd orb and Ian picked up on a gentleman in one corner of the library looking towards the wall, but he couldn't get a view of the gentleman's face, this gentleman's spirit was later confirmed by a member of staff.
 Who then confirmed that the wrong room number was given and in fact it was the hallway where we had our experience that was active.
We went to bed and enjoyed a good nights sleep.

Day 2 we went on our adventures visiting other area's of interest. Late afternoon we were shown interesting places with-in the Castle and in the locked off underground areas, fantastic is all i can say. All our experiences were confirmed, in one area i was getting small items/pebbles chucked at my feet, fantastic!

That evening we stood outside a room, the correct room, placed our hands on the door, and the vibrations were very strong, even the young man who accompanied us could feel them, we didn't enter the room as someone was staying in there at the time.

Bed time and not being tired we decided to take some more photos.
Didn't think anymore about spirits or orbs, but they were obviously attracted to me. Once home and photo's loaded onto the PC, we could see we had a few visits Photo's below

There are more photo's where they are not so obvious, i probably missed some in the above photos, and will pop them on here when i have more time.
For now i hope you have enjoyed our experience, and are looking forwards to your own.
Jax x