Friday, 28 October 2011

Evening Bloggers.
Just a small blog from me today.
I'd like to say how the weather has been today but I have not seen much of it lol, its been what I like to call a Jama day.
Basically I get up when I get up and stay in my Jama's/nightshirt and dressing gown all day, just doing whatever I feel like doing.
Well, yesterday started with me getting new and existing items ready for an upcoming craft fair, Sunday to be precise, when i decided to make a new collection, thought maybe do two or three, just to see how they go down.
He he I've ended up with orders already, just from my first sneak preview showing, so I'm having a great time making them up with different colours and slightly different styles.
I will be listing some on folksy in time for Xmas gifts but they wont be exactly the same as these two, BTW these two just need there bottoms finishing so you will  probably see the pins in the bottom.

Ops they are small cushions, helps if I say what they are and there main fabric is suede satin lace, some have English bridal tulle that has been hand dyed, so they are extra scummy.
Anyways back to the sewing machine, hope you like the cushions.
Jax x

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