Just where is the craft room

What a busy life we lead, always something on the go, if I'm not soldering or hammering silver, I'm pinning fabric or falling over tools & machines, I've had a go at most crafts and still do most from time to time.

Sewing is a big love of mine, and I've made everything from pants to full bed sets lol, I've just this year joined a group and started making patchwork item's and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. i have included a few photo's as i'm realy impressed wit it all so far, we are making bunting at the moment, not patchwork, buts its still fun to join in.

I used to have the spare bedroom as my craft room for all sewing, but then grand kids came along and the craft room went, I had been evicted from my little room, my own fault I have to admit, but when the kids sleep they need their own room, no way was I packing away all my tools/machine's, never to see daylight again, oh no! I decided the conservatory was going to be part of my craft space, you got to be kidding, said my son, well if that's what you want, said hubby and so I got my new space.

Now don't get me wrong, its a bright and sunny space, which looks out onto my veg plot ( yet another love),
but by heck it gets hot in the summer, to hot, so like many crafters, I now have spaces in the bedroom, living room, conservatory, and the kitchen, ideal place to put my soldering block is on the hob, I hear someone cry out ... what about the bathroom, well! that's the only place left to relax.
Just how do all you other crafters manage? Its not an easy task I know, but then if it was easy, would we do it?  :o)

Heres a picture of my workable area at the moment, a little untidy but it does get sorted and the cloth gets changed at the begining of each project.

A few items I've made.

This was a complete set i made for my mum and included a large lap quilt, cushion, cat door stop, mug coaster and egg cosy lol why egg cosy ??  why not :o)
This is the first time making a patchwork anything, a i thouroughly enjoyed it

This i made for my youngest grandson, as i was feeling brave and so decided to add a bit of Applique

and this for my oldest, can you tell! his favourite car

A few other bits

This is from a collection I made for a Whitby wedding fair. This is all i have left, if anyone is interested please give me a knock.

This is a prom dress made for my niece, hand printed with black roses, she looked fab.

A fabby medieval wedding set

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