Monday, 10 October 2011

Feeling the love

We all have those days where we need to feel special or loved, it doesn't realy matter if its a simple guesture or an expensive item, "although expensive is great", the fact that we have been shown that extra bit of love, can go a long way to making us feel good about ourselfs.Valentines day is not the only time where love hearts are a strong theme and/or appreciated, being a big heart fan myself i can firmly reccomend the warm feeling they give.
Winter and christmas are looming, and most people dislike the cold wet weather, so to help lift our hearts and warm the cockles my blog pictures today are all items "with Heart".

A hand painted red heart shaped plaque.
The plaque can be hung by the natural twine finished with a red gingham bow.

A beautiful Brooch
A lovely addition to your autumn outfit.

Heart pendant/necklace made from red epoxy resin and white lace.

This is a one off Photograph Album which has beautiful embroidery on the front and back.

The scarf is decorated by specially designed Shoogly Beads 'Winter Kiss' polymer clay button. The large heart button reflects the colours in the scarf

This pendant is simple but very striking. A silver-plated leaf is hung in front of a chunky green glass heart, all finished off with a silver-toned bead

These felt Hearts are hand sewn with white cotton. They have large polka dot heart in the middle for some extra love

Set the sceen with this romantic inspired white and pink Heart bookmark and glass cham set.

Little girls love to shop, help them feel special with this cute tote bag.

Thank you for popping by and sharing the love ... (corney eh!! ) lol
Jax x


  1. Fab collection - a whole lot of love!
    Thanks for including my album :o)

    Dottie x

  2. Thank you Dottie, Your very welcome
    Jax x

  3. Thanks so much for including my pendant in your fab selection from the folksy owls.
    Love seeing your creations every day Jax!

  4. Thank you Gemma,
    I love to see your work, I think your stud earrings are great and the heart is beautiful.
    Jax xx


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