Reiki/Seichem Healing

The Ancient art of Hands On Healing. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy”.
Seichem is a system of energies which include Reiki and 3 other energies, giving a more powerful and more specific treatment to the person receiving the healing. 

Will it be suitable for me?
Anyone can receive a treatment, from babies to the elderly, it is non-religious and can be accepted by anyone of any faith or creed, it is a wonderful treatment for everyone.

Will it help me feel better?
Reiki / Seichem treats the mind, body and the spirit, so it can help all aspects that are making you feel the way you do, helping to clear away blocked energies, helping the body to heal itself.
Re-adjusting and re balancing the whole energy system.

Can you give me an example ?
Lets say you have blocked something from your past, maybe a hurtful situation from your childhood, in time these situations that we've hidden ( for want of a better word) can cause energy blocks, which in time could show as added tension in certain situations, so finding some day to day tasks stressful, but not knowing why, this would then be an issue that could come to the surface during a treatment, an issue that needs clearing, ( dealing with, coming to terms, letting go of), once an issue has been released, that's when the healing of that issue in mind, body and spirit can take place.

I take Medication, can I still receive a Healing treatment ?
Yes you can still receive a treatment, please take your medication as normal. If you are concerned about this at all, then please ask your doctor.
If I have a treatment will I still need to see a doctor ?
If you have health conditions or are seeing your doctor for any health issues then you must continue to do so.
Reiki/Seichem along with all other alternative therapies, work alongside the health profession and in no way replaces it. 
Do I need to undress ?
Absolutely not!  you will be asked to remove your shoes, watch if your wearing one, glasses and hair slide/grip, you just need to be comfortable. 

Can I bring a friend/partner ?
Yes! you are more than welcome to bring someone with you, they can sit in a chair in the same room, they can choose from a selection of magazine to read whilst you are having your treatment.

Will it Hurt ?
No, but I have known people burst out in tears whilst having their treatment, because of the release of a blockage, a sudden weight off their shoulders, sometimes they have no idea why they are crying, but they always feel better afterwords.
What happens if I laugh ?
Healing takes place in  many forms, Laughing is another way of release, it raises our own energy vibration levels, when my patients laugh I cant help but laugh too, sometimes that's all we need to kick start our mind, body, spirit into healing itself.

What if I don't feel anything ?
Don't worry, your not meant to lay on the couch and start feeling things, the whole treatment is supposed to be relaxing, it is a very gentle and relaxing experience, some may feel tingling and/or hot/cold sensations, if you do, this is nothing to worry about and quite normal.

Why drink water ?
It is necessary to drink plenty of plain water after any healing treatment to flush out the toxins released. It also helps to reground our energy's after such a relaxing treatment.

How many treatments will I need ?

This is unknown,  after your first treatment you will be given any information if needed for follow up treatments, once may be enough to kick start the whole Healing process. you may like the experience so much that you wish to have top up treatments, usually 30 Min's duration, say once a month. Some treatments depending upon the severity may need follow-up treatments of 1 hour every two weeks to get on top of the situation, then top up treatments as and when required by you.

Do you feel anything ?
Because I work with spirit they can make me aware of health issues, or blockages that I need to be working on,  they may even have a message for you, but please don't expect this, however you will  receive any information that I am made aware of during your treatment. 

Please do not participate in alcohol or recreational drugs before or just after a healing session.