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  All tomato'd out!
Wow you wouldn't believe it was october with the weather, as i'm walking around the garden tidying away used pots, theres fallen autumn leaves starting to cover the ground, yet still tomatoes are shining out in their glorious tones of red, orange and green ... sounds like i'm at the traffic lights lol.
I set lots of different varietys this year Beef, Plum, as well of eater (as i call ) right down to lovely cherry.
about 15 plants in all, so weve had a good gathering with plenty of veriety.
It was only last week i decided to thin them out and remove most of their leaves, so they could get the last bit of warmth from the sun, I removed all the tomatoes that i didnt think would make it to adulthood, some of the larger ones i brought into the concervatory and I had a window sill full of green toms, well I dont like waste, then because of all this glorious sun i now have another glut of beautiful toms.
I think on the quiet my hubby is getting a little fed up with pasta sauce & becon egg TOMATOES, cream of tomato soup,  i'm even hiding them in the quiche lol.
I took some round to a friends today, made dad a sauce and we still have enough for a few more meals.
Got to admit though, i shall miss thier beautiful colour, smell and taste when they are finally finished.
which brings me to todays choice of glorious makes from folksy makers with reds orange and green

GemsDesigns & Crafty Makes

Merry Berry and the Little Panda



Aunty Joan Crafts


Dottie Designs


Adien Crafts

JAknits Crafty Creations

There are so many wonderful items on Folksy to feast your eyes, fill your bags and empty your purse, be warned, the goodies are endless you'll become addicted.
Jax x

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