Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Seeding for the future

Are you a gardener, want to try your own produce, even if its only a few herbs or a pack of mixed lettuce, the taste is so much better, and cretainly worth the thought.

Wow!! I cant get my breath, its February tomorrow, it will soon be time for warming up the soil to set some seeds.
I love gardening, and eating the produce, well not the flowers I dont eat those but the chamomile can be used for tea, or in the bath, but I do eat the fruit and veg side of it. Oh I wont use pesticides or chemicals blugh!!! I want my produce as Natural as possible, but there is a downside to that, fighting the slugs lol, and last year did learn me one thing, white fly love greens, well! yep! knew that, I just didn't realise how much.
I'm not a well established gardener, Used to grow pea's and potato's etc when the kids were young, now they are grown up, no swings allowed only my swing seat lol, my dad used to have a great space about 20 x the size of mine, so he helps (advise) me alot, well he hasn't got his garden anymore, his now is smaller than mine, so is limited to what he grows, so loves to come and offer advise :)

So today I have been sorting through my seed packs, but there's a huge problem, my garden's not big enough for the amount of fruit and veg I want to grow :)
Last year there were pots everywhere, apart form growing veg in the little plots in the garden.

There was way to much for my small garden, heres a list of what I had growing,
Potatoes, greenbeans, white Onion, Shallott(sp) Turnip, Swede, Peas, leek, 7 kinds of Tomato's, Beetroot, Carrot, 2 kind of Broccoli, Courgette, 2 kinds of Cabbage, 2 kinds of Couli, Kolrabi, Lettuce, Radish, Spring Onion, Cucumber.
Dwarf Peach Tree, Apple Tree, Plum Tree, Pear Tree. 2 Blueberry bushes, Lemon Tree, 2 Grape trees/bushes, blackcurrent bush and Strawberries.
Mint, Parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage, dill, there was another but i've forgotten what it was.
Hmm don't suppose I did to badly, but lost alot of my greens due to the white fly. Anyway this year there will be less certainly no cabbage,broccoli,couli, no potatoes or cougettes and less verieties of Tomato, apart from the white fly some produce takes up to much space for the amount of produce it povided, any extra space will be taken over with shallotts as my lovely sister thinks my pickled onions are beautiful and she has placed an order for as many as I can let her have lol, and I will attempt a kiwi fruit.

If you are just starting out or like me still learning you could find this site very useful, and they have a great recipe section Allotment Gardening Dont worry you dont even need to have an allotment, I have a small garden and you can see what I get in :) All those little pots get put to good use.
I hope if nothing else this gives you the confidance to buy or blag some seeds and get your garden growing. This was my garden early on last year. Wish I had taken photo's later on in the season, but didn't know I would be writing about it on this blog :)
Hope every one has a good february and dont let the chill get to you.
Jax x

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