Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pooch and day 4

Poor little poochy, ok then Scruffy :) has kennel cough, poor little thing, so baby benylin he's been enjoying, I'm surprised how he licks it off the spoon lol, hmmm think he quite likes it, either way it seems to be working, he has hardly coughed today.

He is settling nicely, we just need to get him used to the fact that, ... we can dissapear for am hour here and there without him tearing up my house :(

We had a more peaceful nights sleep last night, when he jumped on the bed, he was put back in his own, this happed several times, I think he got the message in the end, ... or I was just to tired to notice lol.

Here he is doing his settling in bit

He's been a very busy boy watching me work today, which he was very excited about at times, especially when I threw paper into the bin and he took it out again lol, so for the moment at least he's having a well earned rest sat next to my hubby .......... bet you thought those white hairy legs were mine didn't you Lol.
Time for a glass of wine.
Thank you for visiting and enjoy your evening.
Jax x

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  1. Hey Scruffs! We have been hearing all about you and are so pleased to finally meet you!! You must tell your Mum she has to join in with Blogville where all the cool dogs hang out, we've made some great friends, hope to get to know you a lot better Scruffs!! Dex and Lou xxx


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