Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturdays Share .... What does Saturday mean to you?

What’s Saturday mean to you ??
Me!! Well it is Saturday, not that I do much different, or that’s exciting, but Saturdays is not a Thursday lol.
I usually have Saturdays as a day to go wandering around town or supermarkets, not necessarily shopping as such, but its my day off from crafting, so can take my time when I go out, without thinking, *I have to get back as the natural daylight will be gone*, or *I need to finish an order before the post office's last collection*, not that same day despatch is promised, but do think it adds to the good service if I can manage to fit it in :)
This Saturday was a craft fair but that’s it now for 2 weeks, and next one I can take my Jewelry.
It has been so weird doing fairs without jewelry, but then again its been weird doing the fairs again.
Now as to whether I do any after Christmas is another story, was actually thinking about a gallery or place at, but that’s just a thought at the moment, there will be lots of sleeps and looking into before making up my mind.
Staying on topic ... Its time to sit with a film and a bottle, I try to fit them in on a Saturday night :) but before I go,
Below are a few pictures of my latest makes that have been listed on folksy, I know there aren’t many but I was I’ll for a week so that’s a minimum of 7 less this month than there should have been.
Hope you've had a good Saturday
Jax x

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