Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Just a tester on photo's and links

Here are a few beautifully crafted items,  from my folksy shop, and from my fellow folksters.

Below is one of my own creations, a piece of Jewelry to help finish that sensual femanine look


Below is one of Janets Snoods that she hand knits, they are selling like hot cakes, but you have to be quick as her order books are filling up.
And here we have one of Maggies beautiful quilted scissor case's
This is just a taster of things to come, as i'm sure you're all ( as i am ) starting to frett about the forthcoming event .... called Christmas :)


  1. Great Item Maggie, I'm keeping my eye on one :)

  2. Janet those snoods are great, its suprising how quickly our short haired pooch's can fel cold in the winter months :)


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