Gemstones Crystals and their uses

Gemstone's Crystals and their uses
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 Crystals and Gemstones have been around for over 80,000 years.

They were and continue to be used for their Healing properties as well as for decorative wear.

There are so many different types/forms of Gemstone’s, by far, more now made available to man, than there were hundreds of years ago.

All Crystals/Gemstones have their own particular vibrations, these vibrations are said to help in Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit. 
From a headache to stress and depression, Arthritis to cholesterol

There are Crystals/Gemstones that work on different parts/ailments, then there are Crystal/Gemstones that will cover all aspects, Mind, Body & Spirit, these are called Master Crystals/Gemstones. 

Below I will be listing a few of these, to which more will be added, time permitting during the coming weeks.
Please note apart from my own input, a lot of the information is from the many books that I have studied, I just don't get much free time of late to sit with a Gemstone or crystal to get to know it's energies. 

Crystal Healing For Your Pet

Yes its true animals suffer from stress and pains just as we do, and because Crystals/Gemstones work on an energy level, it is gentle and comforting to the animal that is being treated.
Pets are curious, and love to have the wonderful energies around them.
Once you have introduced the Crystal/Gemstone to your pet you can let the healing energies take place, simply by holding the item just a few inches away from your pet. This is called “working in the aura”.

When your pet has received enough of these energies for the time being your pet will let you know just by simply moving away or by getting fidgety.

When working with pets such as fish, simply place a Crystal/Gemstone next to the fish tank for a few hours, the energies will be transferred to the water. (DO NOT PLACE CRYSTALS/GEMSTONES INSIDE THE WATER TANK AS SOME STONES ARE TOXIC),

You can give your pet a regular treatment, you may notice a difference after one treatment, and some ailments may take several treatments.

It is safe for your pet to have a Crystal/Gemstone under the pet bed, as long as the pet cannot get to it and eat it. It is also safe for your pet to wear a Crystal/Gemstone so long as it is secure, but I would suggest that they only wear them for short periods to start with.

Whichever Crystal/Gemstone you decide to choose for your pet, introduce it slowly, let your pet see the Crystal/Gemstone while you are holding it, do not let your pet eat the stone as this would be dangerous.

The information is not a replacement for your doctors advice/treatment or veterinary advice/treatment, but can be safely used alongside.